Leveraging Smart asks are you ready for the storm?

Are you ready for the storm? Business Emergency Prep

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Are you ready for the storm? Business Emergency Prep to weather the storms that can hurt your business and you.

Are you ready for the storm during the calm before the storm

Are you ready for the storm? Weather or Business?

When it comes to weather events, hurricanes and storms, you prepare for power loss. But what about your business? Are you ready for the storm or storms of your business that can include money loss, unpaid invoices or other issues?

How is your emergency preparedness for hurricanes and are you just as prepared for your business when emergencies present themselves?

For most major storms, we see early warning signs of paths, intensity and weather forecasts. In turn it gives us time to get water, gas, no perishables and make plans to weather those storms as best we can.

Do you have a plan in place for money running out, delayed investment or tardy payments, checks or invoices that haven’t showed up? If not get one in place!

You wouldn’t or at least I hope you wouldn’t watch a storm turn to a hurricane and just continue doing what you were doing in hopes that it will magically disappear and not be a problem.

Are you ready for the storm? Rainy day prep!

Plan for the storms with preventative maintenance and having measures or at least a plan to follow if money is delayed, if invoices are delayed or if something else isn’t going according to plan.

Don’t just expect smooth sailing across the board. Put some funds away. Work to slowly increase accounts to be able to help you maintain and sustain when the storms come.

Are you ready for the storm? Get There!

A plan is only as strong as what you have planned when things don’t go as planned.

Allocate for problems, save for security and keep an eye on the horizon to give you advanced warning. Just as we are preparing for Hurricane Erika which may or may not be an issue in Florida in the next week, plan for those potential problems by creating preventative maintenance plans so

Keep Leveraging Smart by preparing for the storms in advance of their arrival.


How prepared are you and are you ready for the storm?

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