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Cheat Sheet Summary of Leveraging Smart

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Cheat Sheet Summary of Leveraging Smart Inc Operations

leveraging smart cheat sheet and website

Cheat Sheet Summary of The Who:

Leveraging Smart Inc. That’s Us. Yup!

Cheat Sheet Summary of The What: (our five elements)

The Business – A business and entertainment advisory group assisting with products, projects, and plans for established businesses and startup ventures. From inspection to alteration, application to implementation, and execution to preservation, Leveraging Smart individualizes and personalizes every single approach for every single client.

The Broadcast – First a Podcast , then A Reality Business TV Show highlighting what business people can actually apply if they don’t become fully funded over night. Think of it like the working mans Shark Tank or The Profit. Assistance, support and information, with out investing majority percentages and taking over.

 The Book – A business book that avoids the life coaching and shares practical, up to date and realistic applications for existing businesses and start ups

The Brand – A brand that achieves sales and conversions while showcasing exactly how to organize, optimize, execute and protect a brand and its products.

The Band – A Steely Dan style unit run by Steve and Loren with major guests joining for events on speaking dates.

Cheat Sheet Summary of The Where:

Based in New Windsor NY and Vero beach FL

Cheat Sheet Summary of The Why:

To0 many books, shows and products preach a “you can easily do it, if you believe it attitude.” The approach with Leveraging Smart is not to play in to some ones hopes and dreams, the approach is to help organize, plan, create and inspire with methods, facts, information and execution. From the consulting to the speaking, the book to the speaking and the brand to the way that Leveraging Smart is standing as a proof of concept on how grow a business regardless of how big or how small, it allows for a major placement in a market that is oversaturated with empty hype, fake promises and inspirational quotes that lead people and business no where. Why Leveraging Smart? To show people how to use their own smarts combined with the right information that suits their business to move forward and thrive.

Cheat Sheet Summary of the How:

The six parts and subsections of Leveraging Smart include:
1. Inspection: Auditing, Assessing, Reviewing
2. Alteration: Adjusting, Correcting, Building
3. Application: Educating, Clarifying, Formatting
4. Implementation: Branding, Engaging, Creating
5. Execution: Marketing, Converting, Selling
6. Preservation: Sustaining, Maintaining, Expanding

Each of these six parts make up the building or restructuring of a successful business. By staying away from cookie cutter methods, Leveraging Smart is able to help from the business side with consulting or speaking by covering exactly what needs to be covered and not using locked in vague formats. These six sections also make up the six sections of the book, and tie in to the six subsections of each TV show. On top of that, Leveraging Smart showcases as a proof of concept how the company applied and executed these six sections to it self.

The how of Leveraging Smart simplified? Doing it the right way to serve as an example, a proof of concept and a template for other businesses.
Contact information from the cheat sheet blog for leveraging smart

Cheat Sheet of our Call to action
Leveraging Smart

Leveraging Smart is a business and entertainment advisory group assisting with products, projects, and plans for established businesses and startup ventures. For more information about Leveraging Smart, the business, book, broadcast, brand, band, or Max the 800-Pound Gorilla, email questions to: ask@leveragingsmart.com or visit us online at:

Wait What Really Ok Podcast
Hosted by Business Advisor, Speaker and Author, Loren Weisman, Wait What Really Ok is A Methodical, Comical and Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today.
For more info on the Podcast, visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wait-what-really-ok/id1099160341 

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