Leveraging Smart's branding package outline.

Branding package from Leveraging Smart to get things rolling

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Branding package from Leveraging Smart to get things rolling. Also the Blog Supplement for Wait What Really OK Podcast Episode 1: How your brand and uniformity makes customers more comfortable.

Leveraging Smarts branding package

Branding package from Leveraging Smart

“They won’t see you, or hear you, or know about you, if they can’t find you. By creating a clear, concise and uniform branding package across your graphics, your bio, your tagline, your call to action and your online and physical presence, you allow for the most opportunities and most options to be seen, heard and known.”
– Max the 800 Pound Gorilla from Leveraging Smart

The Leveraging Smart Branding package outline is the best place to start!

The most popular service we offer and the service that tends to be the most advised is the Leveraging Smart Branding Package. This package has a range of options to fit a range of budgets as well as worked on in a month to three months with us.

This consulting package helps clients to clearly define their brand and explain it on all levels. it also helps to secure their brand and set a solid foundation to make piece of marketing, promotion or advertising.

Below are the bullet points of what is covered in the branding package with Leveraging Smart. For more information, contact us at ask (at) leveragingsmart.com for an initial consultation to what would best fit your needs.

Branding package: The Breakdown

We work with the client to identify and create…
– Keyword Phrases – One Liner – Tag Line – Short Bio – Long Bio
– Optimized and formatted phrases for use across physical and web
– A call to action and uniform signatures for online and letterhead

We also assist in…
– Organizing the correct social media pages with formatting, information presentation and graphic set up for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud, as well as Google Plus and others.

– Basic Posting and marketing plan (Editorial Calendar) with instruction on best received, converting and revenue generating content

Our consulting sessions for the package include…
– Consulting on Font, Logo, Photos and forward usage for promotion.
– Coaching for post formatting for fans and for optimization
– Strategizing on basic ideas for business plan and solicitation
– Working on organizational, financial and foundational structures

Branding package: The End Result

The end result is to finalize a clear brand for you, your product, your business or project that is applied across the board, both online and off to allow for the most results.

Avoid wasting the budget to advertise when a brand is not clear.

Skip on jumping the gun and tell every one to look at you before you clearly are showing them what you have.

Don’t feel like its too late to fix, alter or clean up an existing brand that might not be what it needs to be.

The more uniformed, aligned, refined and defined your branding is, the more results, conversions and sales will come from every step you take forward.

Stop spinning your wheels and drop us a line to see how we can align you and your brand!

And Listen to this full Wait What Really Ok Podcast Episode at: https://spreaker.com/user/lorenweisman/how-your-brand-and-uniformity-makes-cust

Branding Package on a motorcycle with Steve Moreau

Branding package from Leveraging Smart to get things rolling
Leveraging Smart

Leveraging Smart is a business and entertainment advisory group assisting with products, projects, and plans for established businesses and startup ventures. For more information about Leveraging Smart, visit us online at:

Wait What Really Ok Podcast
Hosted by Business Advisor, Speaker and Author, Loren Weisman, Wait What Really Ok is A Methodical, Comical and Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today.
For more info on the Podcast, visit: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wait-what-really-ok/id1099160341 
Branding package from Leveraging Smart to get things rolling

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