Free Consultation with Leveraging Smart.

Free Consultation with Leveraging Smart by Phone or Skype

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Free Consultation with Leveraging Smart: Fill out this form and lets talk!

Have a sit down with steve and loren for a free consultation

Free Consultation for 15 minutes with Leveraging Smart

Below is our Question form to receive an initial 15 minute free consultation with Leveraging Smart.

Copy the blog below or download the question form and send it back to us at ask @ We look forward to talking with you and seeing if we are a good fit to help you, your business or your idea.


Please fill out the Initial Question Sheet to receive a free 15 minute phone, Skype or in person consultation with Leveraging Smart Inc. Please complete every question, if you do not know any answer, list it as (do not know or n/a). Do not leave any answers blank. This will give us a better overview of you, your business, your products, goals or situation and make the consult much more effective. Only completely filled out sheets will receive the free consults.

Company or Product Name:

Contact Point Name:

Contact Point Phone #:

Contact Point Email:

City, State, Country:

Position/Title in Company:

How did you hear about Leveraging Smart? (For referral considerations):

Product and Business questions for Free Consultation

Product Name, Company Name, Service Name:

Are your copyrights, publishing, licensing or trademarks in place?:

Website and additional domains or misspellings:
1. http://www.
2. http://www.
3. http://www.
4. http://www.

Primary social media (any or all) (add your page name):


Link(s) to Key Photo Samples:

Link(s) to Key Video Samples:

Link(s) to Key Blog Samples:

Link(s) to Key Audio Samples:

Link to Logo:

Link to Font:

Business or Product Tag Line:

Business or Product One Liner:

Business or Product Short Bio:


Top 3 markets you or your product is trying to reach

Top 3 Comparisons:

Top 3 Influences in or out of your specific field:

Top 3 Goals: (short term and long term)

What makes you stand out in today’s industry? List three things:

Have you been involved in any promotional or television appearance such as Shark Tank, The Profit or any reality talent show?


Free Consultation Questions Continued

Is there a main part or parts you would like to focus on or need help with?

Here is our six part service break out below.

• Part I.    Inspection: Auditing, Assessing, Reviewing
• Part II.   Alteration: Adjusting, Correcting, Building
• Part III.  Application: Educating, Clarifying, Formatting
• Part IV.   Implementation: Branding, Engaging, Creating
• Part V.    Execution: Marketing, Converting, Selling
• Part VI.   Preservation: Sustaining, Maintaining, Expanding

Are you looking for any of the following?

Single Session Consultation
Bi Monthly Consults
Package or Long Term Plan Consults
Marketing Packages
Funding and financing

Any Questions for Leveraging Smart Inc. you want to address first?



Best days and times for a meeting or call for the free consultation?:

Please include your time zone:

Send the above or the attached word doc or PDF to to set up your free consultation.
PDF Link: free consultation form for leveraging smart
WORD DOC Link: free consultation form for leveraging smart
Free Consultation with Leveraging Smart


Leveraging Smart

Leveraging Smart is a business and entertainment advisory group assisting with products, projects, and plans for established businesses and startup ventures. For more information about Leveraging Smart, the business, book, broadcast, brand, band, or Max the 800-Pound Gorilla, email questions to: or visit us online at:

Wait What Really Ok Podcast
Hosted by Business Advisor, Speaker and Author, Loren Weisman, Wait What Really Ok is A Methodical, Comical and Informational Podcast covering the best approaches for business and the arts today.
For more info on the Podcast including: requesting a topic, recommending a guest, joining the show as a guest, sponsorship spots, advertising options as well as listening to older episodes and links to each shows supplemental materials, visit: 

Free Consultation with Leveraging Smart by phone or skype

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