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Talk Titles for speaking engagement options with Leveraging Smart

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Talk Titles for speaking engagement options with Leveraging Smart
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Leveraging Smart is happy to bring both Loren Weisman and Steve Moreau, together or separately to any speaking events, speaking engagements or fill any needs for college speakers, marketing speakers or any type of business speaking need.

Below are the main talk titles and descriptors of our key presentation topics.

We also are happy to create a specific and personalized format for any speaking situation. All talk titles are presented by the Leveraging Smart cofounders and managing partners, Loren Weisman and Steve Moreau, who have collectively been a part of numerous businesses, television shows, hundreds of albums, television productions and consulting in and outside of entertainment.

The Leveraging Smart Talk Titles

1. Engaging, Posting, Optimizing and Marketing Online:
Creating the right foundation and executing a plan for building a new audience, as you continue to maintain your existing one.

Loren and Steve outline the best branding, posting and marketing approaches to build your fan base as you continue to engage your existing fans with out coming off like spamming or overly selling. Steve and Loren discusses the ideas of setting up an editorial calendar, formatting your posts the right way for the right pages and how to get the best results from every single post in the short and long term. Content is king and content comes first, then following with a call to action, you engage and connect first, which allows the sell to be that much more effective.

2. Creating and Breaking down your Business Plan or Prospectus:
(Talk titles for speaking engagements) – Simplifying, Defining and budgeting with the right details in order to fund your project.

Steve and Loren break down the different elements and line items to add to a successful business plan and explain how the right plan will get you the right funding. From the smallest costs to the largest ones, Loren and Steve identify, and outline how to get your plan underway, the crucial parts and the steps to begin to take even before you start soliciting or achieve funding. This is one of the talk titles that also goes in to who to approach and when.

3. Aligning, defining and reinforcing your brand:
Setting up the foundation of your Branding, Marketing and Promoting for the best results.

Loren and Steve explains the fundamentals of branding, marketing and promoting in the early stages. From the logos to the fonts, the tag lines to the photos and the color schemes to product implementation, this two hour seminar is designed to simplify and help solidify the best approaches for entrepreneurs, start ups and established businesses to create branding that will solidify the message, the marketing and the brand as you engage in today’s business world.

4. Realistic Sustainable Careers and the logistics of them today:
An expanded overview of the realities as well as maintaining and sustaining in the business environment of today. (Talk titles for speaking engagements)

Steve and Loren cover a broad overview of everything from creating and building to maintaining and enduring in the business world of today. Taking into consideration all the changes that have happened, social media, the oversaturation of marketing and those playing the hype game, this talk presents a solid blueprint to aim for sustainability on a realistic level.

5. Why it isn’t working for you…yet:
Top ten things you are doing wrong and how to make them right.

Loren and Steve dig in to the mistakes, misconceptions, rumors and flat out errors that many businesses are making today and delivers the best ways to change those mistakes in to successes. This is one of the talk titles that works have the listener understand and be able to define why something isn’t working or no longer working and then the best steps to make the best changes to create the best results. This is one of the most popular talks.

6. Creating one of your very own talk titles:

What ever you want covered! The buffet talk!

Steve and Loren can customize, individualize and personalize any of the talk titles as well as personalize any presentation or seminar to the exact needs of what you are may need for your event, class or presentation needs.

Connect with Leveraging Smart and give us an idea of what you want or what you are looking for. We are happy to individualize, personalize and organize any of the talk titles to fit your event, lecture, conference or engagement.
talk titles, leveraging smart, speaking engagements

Talk titles for speaking engagements

Leveraging Smart

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Talk titles for speaking engagements


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