Self Checking your baggage (appearance) before take off

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Self Checking your baggage (your visual appearance) before take off
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Self Checking your baggage. Check 1,2,3.

Have you done a through self check of yourself or a solid self checking of the baggage you are carrying around you, before you go in to that meeting? Yea, its a play on words, and it seems obvious, but while many try to prepare to be as professional in a presentation or meeting, sometimes they end up forgetting the basics of double checking themselves in the mirror.

That old first impressions thing still stands these days and it can set you up for a hell of a fall if you are not self checking your baggage or visual appearance before a meeting.

Self checking your baggage for the best first impression and allowing your meeting to take off in the right direction.

Its not rocket science….
Clip the nails,
Comb the hair or at least style it,
Shower! Use deodorant!
Wear something that fits both your body and the occasion of the meeting.
Brush teeth and top it off with mouth wash.
Clean clothing and dust off, brush off or shine up those shoes.

From Self Checking your baggage that being worn to the bags under your eyes.

Ok, maybe you didn’t get to sleep the night before. See if you can do something to reduce the blood shot eyes.
On the same token, if you are meeting in a small room with a whole bunch of people after lunch…maybe Kimchi is not the best choice for food as it will be seeping off your body.

Again, not rocket science and not something you need to buy a book for. Just give yourself a self check and make sure you are presenting how you want to present and how you would want to be presented too.

Self Checking your baggage from another airport!

Ok, got to get off the whole baggage thing, but Saturday I got a long flight and this is where I went with the blog. But even if you are meeting with some one by video… look behind you!!!

What is in the background? And should it be there? Who is in the background and should they be there?

Take The extra seconds to make sure you have checked yourself, your appearance, your surroundings, your smell and any other kind of baggage you might be wearing, carrying or near.

That extra effort shows that extra attention to detail that can make that extra difference in the results of what you are going after.

self checking your baggage, new york public library

(This Public Domain Image is free use with out restriction from The New York Public Library Digital Collections.) 

Self Checking your baggage (your visual appearance) before take off
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Self Checking Your Baggage


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