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Top five questions to ask a photographer before hiring them.

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Top five questions to ask a photographer before hiring them. The podcast blog supplement for iHeartRadio’s Wait What Really Ok Episode 22: Why do I need a professional photographer for my business? Featuring this weeks guests, Doug and Alley from Frameable Faces.

top five questions to ask a photographer, wait what really ok, frameable faces, iheartradio

Top five questions to ask a photographer before hiring them.

Whether it’s photos of your family for your walls at home or photos of your staff, your services, your location, or your products for your business website, hiring the right photographer is critical.

You don’t do family “half way” or business “half way” right? So why hire a photographer who does it “half way”? Photography is no different than any other professional service when it comes to making sure you find the best pro for your needs. Do it right and ask the right questions up front to make sure you do.

Top five questions to ask a photographer. 1 and 2:

1. What kind of planning goes into my photo session? If your photographer hesitates and doesn’t sound like they have a rock solid and specific approach with steps to plan the session that’s a problem. In-person consultations ahead of the session are good to look for especially if it’s a family portrait session or people are involved in general (as opposed to objects or locations). Right off the bat you should be able to tell if they are going to set the stage for a successful experience.

2. What products are available and how can you help me with that? This is important for portrait sessions because if the “product” is 100 photos on a CD or thumb drive then this is very likely not a true professional photographer that you want to invest in for a special family session. A compact disc doesn’t look so good on a great room wall right?

Find a photographer that will be with you to the end and knows how to help you pick out the products you want – consulting with you all the way until the portraits are on the walls in your home. A true professional will be able to make recommendations right down to designing the art for your walls and showing it all to you virtually in a real time ordering meeting. If you are going to be handed a CD and sent on your way or left to fend for yourself looking at the photos in an online gallery that’s a bad sign.

Top five questions to ask a photographer: 3, 4 and 5.

3. What types of photos will represent my brand the best? If you are hiring a photographer to take photos of your business, that photographer better have business acumen. They should be able to speak to examples of working with other brands in a strategic way to craft an image that fits with their brand – their products, their services, their culture. This is your livelihood we are talking about here. Just because someone knows how to work a camera does NOT mean they are qualified to create the images that will tell the proper story for your brand.

4. What makes you different from other studios like ABC or XYZ for example? This seems basic or cliched a bit but it can serve as a subtle but effective trick question. Confidence and ethics are important – they speak to a photographer’s overall approach. It’s good to work with photographers who work nicely in the sandbox and are in it for the bigger picture. If the photographer knows the others in their market and can differentiate themselves from them but in a complimentary way based on knowledge of and relationships with the others that’s a good sign.

5. What is my overall investment going to be is the last of the top five questions to ask a photographer. Look for confidence and substance in the answer here. A photographer who knows what the job requires, knows what their value is and isn’t afraid to tell you is a sign of an experienced, confident photographer. If they deliver the price in a tone that sounds like a scared child asking for permission that’s no good.

Top five questions to ask a photographer, cause technology doesn’t equal quality.

Technology has made entry into the “photography business” easier than ever before for many who call themselves professionals because they have a Facebook page or Instagram account so you have to be extra careful in finding the right studio when it comes to special occasions.

Family portraits and photos to represent your brand are special occasions.  You wouldn’t go to Taco Bell for a 25th anniversary dinner or an important business meeting with a client, so don’t do it for your portraits or your brand with a fast food photog.  Knowing what to look for and asking the right questions will help you find the right studio for the job.

-This was an assisted blog from Doug Cohen of Frameable Faces and myself.

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top five questions to ask a photographer before hiring them, wait what really ok, frameable faces

Top five questions to ask a photographer before hiring them with Frameable Faces.

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Top five questions to ask a photographer. 

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