More of The Parts and The Elements of Leveraging Smart

The elements of leveraging smart are listed here piece by piece

Leveraging Smart is a business & real estate advisory group assisting with products, projects, selling, buying and investing for established businesses and startup ventures. From inspection to alteration, application to implementation, and execution to preservation, Leveraging Smart individualizes and personalizes every single approach for every single client. We apply what you know, help you with what you don’t know, and assist you with building the best plan for the most conversions. Leveraging Smart’s motto: You’re smarter than you think—make it work for you.

There are six key parts to Leveraging Smart…

More about the six parts:

  • Part I.       Inspection: Auditing, Assessing, Reviewing
  • Part II.     Alteration: Adjusting, Correcting, Building
  • Part III.   Application: Educating, Clarifying, Formatting
  • Part IV.   Implementation: Branding, Engaging, Creating
  • Part V.     Execution: Marketing, Converting, Selling
  • Part VI.   Preservation: Sustaining, Maintaining, Expanding

The defining difference between Leveraging Smart and simply answering the question, “what are the elements of Leveraging Smart and What does this company do” comes down to the integration and blend of the six parts of the strategy employed across all five of the elements. This allows each element to stand on its own, while still supporting all the others.

By clearly defining and explaining what we actually do as well as what needs to be done by the clients and how it relates to any type of business, the Leveraging Smart approach differentiates itself in terms of results and individual fit.

Whether a client wishes to retain our full range of services or only wants to read the book, watch a video, listen to the music, or buy a shirt; the theme, function, and definition of Leveraging Smart is clearly seen as all the elements of Leveraging Smart are laid out.

The Elements of Leveraging Smart: The Five B’s

All the parts are integrated into the service elements of Leveraging Smart. The business side uses the six parts to help clients identify not only what they have to work on but also to highlight what they are doing right.

In the book, the 21 chapters define, clarify, and explain each of the six parts, and the elements of Leveraging Smart by demonstrating how start-ups, entrepreneurs, and existing companies can apply the principles to what they are doing.

These six parts also cover the writing, recording, releasing, and performing of music, which is where the band comes in. Not only does this element offer an entertaining aspect, it also illustrates how Leveraging Smart can span many different mediums.

The Broadcast, comprising of our online videos, highlights the six parts by showing where certain businesses have existing strengths and where they need to add more focus. Whether examining one part in a single online video or in a TV episode reviewing a specific part, the broadcast will mix entertainment with education that can benefit anyone.

Lastly, the brand is reinforced in our store with its focus on Max, the 800-Pound Gorilla, the Leveraging Smart font, and our tagline. He is the heaviest part of all the elements of Leveraging Smart. From t-shirts to cups, water bottles to plushies, and with a growing list of items that will be added to the store, our brand and store have items available for purchase, but more importantly that serve as examples of ideas that clients can use for their own brands.

The Elements of Leveraging Smart: The Bios

Steve Moreau

Business advisor, managing partner, and cofounder of Leveraging Smart, Steve Moreau brings decades of hands-on experience and an impressive array of knowledge to the enterprise. Instrumental in the formation, organization, management, and direction of companies including Orange County Choppers, Steve’s Trucking, Hudson Valley Delivery Corporation, and others, Steve has been key in identifying, exploring, and exploiting available opportunities for each of these organizations. He has secured licensing and endorsement deals with Fortune 500 companies and sports franchises including HP, Caterpillar, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Peavey, the New York Jets, the New York Giants, and the New York Yankees, and with global celebrities such as Will Smith, Muhammad Ali, Billy Joel, Ewan McGregor, Donald Trump, Shaquille O’Neill, and many more. Steve brings common sense to the complex business world and helps to refine, define, and increase profits and conversions for Leveraging Smart clients.

Loren Weisman

Business advisor, speaker, and author Loren Weisman, organizes, optimizes, and implements individualized branding, marketing, and content plans for start-up and established businesses. Weisman is a managing partner and cofounder of Leveraging Smart. With deep experience in all aspects of the music industry, Loren has worked on hundreds of albums as a drummer, producer, and production consultant. He also maintains TV production credits for three major networks as well as serving as a media consultant for many businesses in and outside of the arts and entertainment fields. Weisman has stayed up to date with the constant changes in both the music and television industries over the past two decades as well as keeping up with the pulse and motion of content creation, marketing, promotion, and social media, thus affording the maximum promotional footprint for Leveraging Smart clients. For more about Loren, visit:

max is one of the biggest pieces of the elements of leveraging smart
Leveraging Smart

Leveraging Smart is a business & real estate advisory group assisting with products, projects, selling, buying and investing for established businesses and startup ventures. For more information about Leveraging Smart, the business, book, broadcast, brand, band, or Max, the 800-Pound Gorilla, email questions to: or visit us online at: