Notice of Filming for Leveraging Smart

Notice of filming for the leveraging smart reality tv show
Notice of Filming for Leveraging Smart Inc and the Business Reality Show
Notice of Filming for Leveraging Smart

Notice of Filming

This area is being utilized for the filming of a television program. By your entrance into this area and your presence, you give unqualified consent (and the consent of any children or other persons under your control or responsibility) to Leveraging Smart Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates and licenses (to Leveraging Smart Inc.) to use, broadcast and publicize your name, voice, actions, likeness (and those of such persons under your control or responsibility), and the appearance of your vehicle, license plate, in connection with the program being taped or filmed, without any limitations or compensation whatsoever and expressly waive any and all kinds of rights or privacy in connection therewith. You Further consent to release Leveraging Smart Inc from any liability related to its use of such name, voice, actions, and/or likeness in connection with the program. If you wish to avoid the possibility of being photographed or filmed, please avoid this location.

Notice of Filming requests

The above Notice of filming disclosure covers all aspects of filming locations and our rights in them. Or put a little more simply, if you see one of these signs and don’t want to be on TV, do not be there.

If you have any concerns that you were unintentionally filmed, you have the right to contact us and ask if we can remove your images. However, if it was part of a final cut scene or shot, we reserve the right to retail the footage regardless.

Notice of Filming for Leveraging Smart,
Leveraging Smart

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Notice of Filming for Leveraging Smart